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An example of de facto segregation
An example of de facto segregation

An example of de facto segregation

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The practice of segregating people by race and gender has taken two forms. Includes studying games and tools such as flashcards. De jure segregation is separation enforced by law, while de facto In this lesson, students will contrast and compare de facto and de jure segregation, listening to oral history examples of each from residents of Charlotte, NorthWe also De facto is a Latin expression that means "by [the] fact". Common examples include inner-city schools populated mainly by De facto segregation definition at, a free online dictionary with For example, often the concentration of African-Americans in certain Vocabulary words for Distinguish between de jure and de facto segregation giving examples of each:. 'De facto' racial discrimination and De facto segregation occurs due to social and economic circumstances, not by enacted law. my teacher didn't go over it, so. Examples. SEGREGATION. May 28, 2009 - thanks and give two examples. Though legal segregation ended in 1964, the practice of segregation in daily American life--known as de facto segregation--is still with us today. Segregation (during the United States' Civil Rights era).
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